3 Dangers of Skipping Routine Vehicle Maintenance in the Summer

3 Dangers of Skipping Routine Vehicle Maintenance in the Summer

While it’s generally a good idea to get your vehicle serviced on a regular basis throughout the year, it’s the sort of thing that gets easily pushed to the back burner. As the Oregon summer ticks along, filling up your schedule with any number of activities and responsibilities, other more pressing chores take priority, to the point where you happen to glance at the calendar one day and realize you’re way past due. You might then start to wonder if such routine maintenance is really necessary; especially if your car appears to be running just fine. But unfortunately, there are several issues that can remain undetected until they become a serious danger to you and your family.

1) Changes in Tire Pressure Lead to Blow-Outs

It’s very common for air pressure to fluctuate as the temperatures rise, and with extreme heat, the difference can be significant enough for a tire to burst over time. In such an event, you could lose all control of the car, potentially hitting another vehicle or going off the road altogether.

2) Excessive Exposure Results in Battery Death

It’s not unusual to make your car’s battery work a little harder on the hottest of days as you blast the AC in order to stay comfortable. But that same heat can take your overworked battery and destroy it altogether. When temperatures rise, the insides of the battery start to corrode, making it run less and less efficiently until one day you’re left stranded with an irreversibly damaged piece of junk.

3) Overheated Engines Can Cause a Fire

Finally, if the conditions are right, your engine could get so hot that an actual fire ignites in your car. If things have deteriorated to the point where you can already start to see smoke, there’s not much you can do beyond pulling over immediately and calling for emergency services.

Fortunately, all of these dangers are entirely preventable by having maintenance performed on your vehicle on a regular basis. Simply call Ken Scales Automotive at 541-772-6736 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment, and we’ll have one of our Medford technicians ready for you. In addition to a wealth of other services, our team of professionals can quickly assess the health of your tires, battery, and engine, as well as perform any repairs necessary. Stay safe on the road this summer, call us today!