3 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Auto

3 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Auto

13903901_sIf the summer months are known for road trips, vacations, and getting out of town then the spring season is the time of year when you get your car ready for all of that driving.

In addition to the regular oil changes and various maintenance appointments, there are a few things that you should always have done to your car during the spring months.

The winter time can be very hard on your car – especially, if you park it outdoors. Not only are the cold temperature wreaking havoc on the air pressure in your tires but, the rain, sleet, and snow can do a number on your windshield and wipers.

There is nothing that will ruin a summer road trip faster than a broken down car! Make sure to follow these spring car care tips and get your car in top condition for your summer plans:

  • The winter weather stresses your battery because the components have to work extra hard in the cold weather. Make sure that your battery is in good shape and doesn’t have any corrosion around the connections. Check the wires to make sure there are no signs of damage and have it test with a battery charger. If your battery is fairly old, you might just replace it all together. They are not that expensive and a new one is probably cheaper than a tow.
  • Tire pressure. Now that the temperature has evened out it is time to have the tire pressure in your car check to make sure it is at the manufacturers recommended level. Your tires actually lose tire pressure during the winter time so it is important to replace that air.
  • Brakes and tires. Take your car in for an inspection of the brakes and tires before hitting the road for a summer trip. And, not just the brake pads but the fluid, lines and hoses to make sure they have all survived the winter.

It is important to make sure that you take some time during the spring months to make sure that your car has properly survived the winter weather and is ready for the summer travels.