4 Quick Summer Car Care Tips

4 Quick Summer Car Care Tips

As summer approaches and the country is opening up, you may have your sights set on exciting summer adventures. Whether your plans include long road trips or just the daily commute, the hot part of the year is an essential time to prep your car and look out for any maintenance red flags. Though many Oregonians focus on winterizing, the warm months are equally crucial for car care. Here are four quick tips for caring for your vehicle this summer.

Change the Oil and the Filter

As always, you should get an oil change as soon as it is needed. This is even more important if it has been a while. Extreme weather of any kind (hot, cold, humid, or dry) can put greater demands on your engine oil. As Medford has cold winters and hot summers, it is important to start the warm months with an oil change and a new filter to keep debris out of your engine. 

Don’t Forget Coolant

It may seem like a no-brainer, but coolant is extra important in the summer months. Keep a regular check on your oil, water, and coolant levels yourself every few fill-up stops, and remember that these levels should be checked as part of routine maintenance, as well. 

Check Your Battery

Just before summer is an ideal time to test your battery to make sure that it isn’t low and, if needed, budget for replacing it as soon as possible. Extreme heat is hard on car batteries, so don’t wait until you or your family gets stuck in the heat with a dead battery that won’t jump. 

Check Your Brakes

Maybe your brakes or feeling/sounding a little squeaky or spongey, but you’ve been putting off replacing them. It’s never safe to drive with bad brakes, but the heat is an added hazard. If you get out ahead of a brake replacement, you can often break up the cost by replacing front and rear brakes on different visits, or you may only need pads. 

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