4 Reasons For Getting Regular Oil Changes

4 Reasons For Getting Regular Oil Changes

32407520_sSpring is the time of year when many of us start thinking about packing up the car and hitting the road for time away from it all. While this might mean just a day trip to the coast or, a week long road trip to another state the condition of your car is essential to the success of the trip. Oil changes are just one of the maintenance steps that you need to take to protect the safety of you and your car. Here are some reasons why you should have the oil changed in your car regularly:

Protect the lubrication of the engine. There are many components in the engine of your car that rub back and forth near each other. Motor oil is a lubricant and makes sure that these components do not rub directly against each other causing too much heat and possible a fire in your car. This could all end with your engine permanent damaged and your car undriveable.

Prevent build-up. As the car drives down the road there is all sorts of debris that is picked up from the outside air. All of this debris including pollen, leaves, and bugs will contaminate the motor oil in your engine. These contaminants will begin to solidify in the oil and create a sludge which can stick to motor parts. As the motor oil is being used to lubricate parts and pieces this sludge is deposited onto the parts and pieces causing damage. Regularly changing the oil removes the sludge.

To get a new oil filter. At every oil change there is often a change of the oil filter. This piece is designed to reduce the contaminants mentioned above from getting into the oil and forming the sludge. However, if the contaminants are not in the oil, that means they are in the filter which will eventually get full and need to be replaced.

To check the oil level in the car. It used to be that you pulled into the local service station to get gasoline and they checked your oil and cleaned your windshield. Now, it is the car owner’s responsibility to check the oil regularly and with everything else there is to keep track of in our day, this task often gets left undone. When you have regular oil changes, you are assured that your oil level will be topped off to the manufacturer’s recommended level.

To ensure that your road trip or day trip is pleasant and relaxing, make sure that all of the proper maintenance checks have been done. There is air in the tires, new blades on the windshield wipers, and clean, fresh oil in the engine.