Bad Weather Driving Tips

Bad Weather Driving Tips

In Oregon, rain is something you expect to see very often. Driving in this bad weather, however, can be difficult. Many obstacles don’t exist on a normal day, from slick roads to lower visibility; following these bad-weather driving tips to minimize the risk of accidents and damage.

Drive Slowly

You may rush to get home after a long work day, but you’ll be happier if you get home without an accident. Drive slowly and be safe, especially if you’re in an older car that also doesn’t handle wet roads.

Leave Space

In bad weather, it’s harder to stop the car. To avoid hitting the car in front of you, leave plenty of space so that you have room to slow down as you’re breaking.

Use Low Beams

Whenever the weather is bad, you should put your low beams on. This improves visibility for both you and the cars around you. 

Stay Away From Flooded Areas

It’s important never to underestimate the power of rushing water. You may think your car is strong enough to get through it, but it’s safer if you don’t test those odds. Remember the mantra: “Turn around, don’t drown,” and stay away from flooded streets. 

Make Sure Your Car Works

If you expect bad weather to strike, check on your car beforehand. You need good tires, reliable breaks, and clean mirrors and windows. Your wipers should be working properly, and you should ensure you have enough gas to avoid filling the car up in the rain.

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