Southern Oregon Brake Repair and Replacement

During the spring and summer people are taking advantage of the great weather to go on vacations or enjoy leisurely drives and during the holidays people are traveling to visit friends, family and other loved ones. No matter what season, before you set out on a trip, you’ll want to check your brakes for signs it’s time to repair or replace them. Malfunctioning brakes are dangerous on the road, and repairing or replacing them now keeps you and your loved ones safe. Ken Scales Automotive offers professional brake repair and replacement, as well as tips regarding how to tell when you need it.

How to Tell Your Brakes Need Repair

Most vehicle owners notice strange, high-pitched noises coming from brakes that need repair. This noise happens because your brake pads are wearing thin and the brake wear sensor touches the rotor. You may not hear it over the radio or air conditioner, so if you suspect brake problems, turn these off and listen carefully. Small squeaks every now and then are not usually a problem. They may indicate your car has been sitting idle too long. However, regular squeaks and squeals indicate your brakes need attention.

Does your vehicle pull to one side when you brake? If so, it may mean one brake lining is wearing out faster than the other. Sometimes, pulling also means there is a foreign object or substance caught in your brakes. Bring your vehicle to Ken Scales Automotive so we can inspect your brakes for wear and remove any foreign objects.

Should You Replace Your Brakes?

Many of today’s automakers use lighter, thinner brake rotors than they used to, which saves money and reduces vehicle weight. However, light and thin rotors wear down faster than their heavier counterparts, so be diligent about checking your car, especially if you drive long distances or in heavily trafficked areas. Watch for signs such as constant noise and longer stopping distances, which indicate your brakes aren’t responding like they should.