Common Winter Car Problems

Common Winter Car Problems

The winter can be tough on everything, and this includes your car. Here is a list of things to look out for if you’re driving around in the cold this season.

Battery Issues

Cold weather can drain your car battery faster, and in some cases, the battery may not have enough charge to start your car. It takes extra time for a car to start on a cold day, and if it’s below freezing, you’re only able to use about 40%-75% of your normal battery power depending on how cold it is.

Similarly, if you are driving an electric car or hybrid, you may notice that the car charges slower in the winter. This is the same reason — the cold simply saps the power out of car batteries and leaves them with less power overall.

Freezing Parts and Fluids

Car parts and fluids can freeze pretty quickly if the right precautions aren’t taken. From windshield wipers being stuck in place and door locks becoming inaccessible to the very oil in the gas tank becoming a frozen mass, cold weather can render your car a block of ice. 

Low Tire Pressure

The cold temperature causes gas to compress, including the air inside your tires. It’s important to check your tires when it’s cold out to make sure they’re full. Otherwise, it’s like driving on a flat tire, and that isn’t advisable.


When you drive over road salt without cleaning your car afterward, the metal can begin to rust and corrode, making it more likely to fall apart. 

Another corrosion to look out for is corroded spark plugs, which will fail to work when temperatures drop, making your engine unusable.

Get Your Car Repaired

If your car is breaking, don’t wait to get it fixed. Contact Ken Scales Automotive today to repair or replace any damaged parts and learn more about how you can protect your car during the winter.