Essential Summer Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Essential Summer Maintenance for Your Vehicle

We all know that proper maintenance keeps our vehicles running in top shape. So why do we continue to neglect it? Maybe it’s cost, but we also know that the cost of maintaining our vehicles is far less than what it would be for repairs. Let’s call the summer of 2018 the summer of no excuses. Complete these essential seasonal maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle running at its best all summer long.

  1. De-winterize Your Vehicle

If you added snow tires, it’s time to swap them out for an all-season variety – they put less stress on your system and can make modest improvements to your mileage. It’s also time to look at your windshield wipers – they likely got a lot of work brushing salt, ice, and other road debris this winter. Replace them so they’ll be ready to tackle summer storms.

  1. Check Your Cooling Systems

It makes sense that your car would run hotter in the summer than it does in the winter. Now’s the time to check your coolant levels and replace them or top them off if necessary. If your air conditioner is running a little on the warm side, have someone check your Freon levels and add more to keep you cool all summer long.

  1. Schedule an Oil Change

Changing your oil is a common maintenance task, yet many people still neglect it. This can lead to engine problems and other negative, and costly effects. Schedule your oil changes at a mileage or time recommended by your manufacturer.

  1. Have Your Battery Tested

Colder temperatures can cause your batteries to work harder, which makes them more prone to short in the summertime. Have your battery life checked and know when it’s time for a replacement, especially if you have an older or used vehicle.

  1. Don’t Ignore Noises or Lights

If you have a warning light on in your vehicle, now is the time to get it checked. Delaying the solution will only lead to more costly repairs down the road. Contact us to schedule an inspection or service. Let’s make this summer your car’s best one yet!