Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

Fall is one of the best seasons for looking at the scenery around Medford, OR.  It is also a great season to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the change in the weather.  Having your car serviced at Ken Scales Automotive this fall means that you will have fewer issues with reliability during the colder months. 

  • Get your tires checked to make sure that the tread on them is in good condition, and they are at the right pressure.  You can also have your tire pressure monitoring system checked to make sure it is working correctly for all your tires. 
  • Have your heating and cooling systems in your vehicle checked this fall.  This inspection should include your thermostat, radiator, heater core, hoses, and gaskets.
  • Have your fuel injection checked to make sure your car has the best performance and fuel efficiency this fall.
  • Brakes are essential in the colder months, especially if Medford gets a storm.  Having brakes in good condition can give you the quick stopping power you should have in inclement weather.
  • Have a tune-up if it is time to get regular service for your vehicle.  Your owner’s manual should tell you the mileage milestones that you should get the specific service needs for your vehicle.  You may also have warranty maintenance milestones that our certified mechanics can help you with at Ken Scales Automotive.
  • No matter what type of gas your vehicle takes, or kind of transmission your vehicle has, we can help you get it serviced and ready for the cooler Oregon weather.
  • Have your fluids and windshield wipers checked to make sure everything is working well and ready for any storms that come through town.
  • An oil change is essential when seasons change.  We will make sure your vehicle has fresh oil and a filter, so your engine runs well all season.

Once your standard service and maintenance are done for the year, ask a service professional about any sounds or smells that you have coming out of your vehicle.  If you have any concerns about the reliability or safety of your vehicle, get your concerns addressed before winter!