Five Thanksgiving Travel Tips For Drivers During The Holidays

Five Thanksgiving Travel Tips For Drivers During The Holidays

Holiday traveling can be exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful. Regardless of whether you plan to drive only a few miles or a couple hundred miles this year, preparing ahead of time can help ensure your upcoming Thanksgiving trip goes as smoothly as possible. Take a look at a few simple tips to assist you in making your holiday drive safe, stress-free, and enjoyable this year.


Be Mindful of Peak Travel Times To Avoid Jams


Try to avoid driving during the peak traveling times while scheduling your trip. Rather than traveling on Wednesday, plan to hit the road on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving or early on Thanksgiving morning. You can also dodge traffic jams during your return trip if you opt to depart on Saturday rather than Sunday.


Check Your Spare Tire


Before you leave, make sure you check your spare tire to ensure it is in good condition. While you’re at it, double check that you have all of the necessary tools, including the wrench and tire jack.


Give Your Car A Comprehensive Check Up


Make a point to check your vehicle’s tire pressure, brake lights, oil, fluids, coolant, and windshield wipers to confirm they are working as they should be prior to taking off on your Thanksgiving trip. Be sure to replace your windshield wiper blades and refill fluids as needed. Bring your car to a local auto shop for a professional inspection if you aren’t sure how to perform these checks yourself.


Pack an Emergency Kit


Prepare ahead of time for a potential emergency by packing an emergency kit for your car that contains road flares, bottled water, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a backup phone battery, and a couple of snacks for the road.


Prepare When Traveling with Pets


If you’re bringing your furry friend along for the ride this Thanksgiving, be sure to set up their carrier or crate in an area where they will not be impacted if you have to break abruptly. Don’t forget to pack all of the basics, such as water, toys, food, leashes, and clean-up products to assist in the event of an accident.