Five Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Five Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Many drivers never think about their brakes until they fail. At Ken Scales Automotive in Medford, OR we believe that the best time to think about your brakes is now, before something goes wrong. Preventive maintenance can go a long way to keeping you safe and saving you money on repairs later. Here are some of the top warning signs your brakes need attention.


1.Squealing Brakes

A faint scraping or buzzing sound coming from your tires that goes away when you press the brakes is a warning sign your pads are getting thin. The wear indicator in the pad scrapes against the rotor to let you know it’s time to change the pads.


2.Clicking Sounds

Brake systems hold pads tightly to prevent shaking. Damage to the system can loosen the pad. When that happens, you will hear a clicking sound when you press or release the brakes. If you hear that, get the brakes serviced immediately.


3.Longer Stop Times

Prolonged brake use, particularly common in hilly areas or stop-and-go traffic, causes the pads to heat up, reducing their efficiency. Over time, the pad fade becomes permanent. This means it takes longer to stop your car, and it’s a clear sign you need to service your brakes.


4.Car Pulls to One Side

Pads rarely wear out evenly. When one side wears thin before the other, you will experience tugging to one side when you brake. If you don’t get this fixed, your steering rack and knuckles, ball joints, and wheel bearings will experience increased stress. It’s worth noting that something else might cause this tug to one side. If you experience it, get your car checked to find and fix the problem.


5.Vibrating Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal shakes noticeably when you use the brakes, it could indicate a breakdown in the pads’ binding resin, a foreign substance mixed in with the resin, warped pads, or an alignment issue. Do not ignore this warning sign – it could put you in danger when on the road.


If it’s time for your brakes to be inspected or you are experiencing any of these warning signs, give Ken Scales Automotive a call today to schedule your next brake service appointment in Medford, OR.