Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

15579510_sIt’s that time of year again. The weather is colder, making the roads more dangerous, and more people are on the road.

Families are piling into their cars, vans, and trucks making the trips to various family members’ homes for feasts and visits. Shoppers are out at all times of the day and night trying to get the best deals on the latest gadgets and gizmos. And, party-goers are coming and going from the office holiday party to the neighbors’ ugly sweater cocktail hour.

The excitement, chaos, and stress of the holiday season can cause people to drive faster, drive more often, and drive in areas that they are unfamiliar with.

These conditions together create a recipe for disaster. In fact, thousands of collisions happen during the holiday season each year. Don’t fall victim to a holiday motor vehicle accident. Follow these safety tips for driving safely during these busy times:

  • NEVER drive under the influence. If you attend the office holiday party, make sure to say no to the eggnog or, arrange for a designated driver. This is the time of year when accidents caused by impaired drivers increases – don’t be a statistic – don’t drive under the influence.
  • The days are shorter which means driving in the dark. Make sure to plan for this and get to where you need to be before the sun sets. Obviously, this is not always possible, so plan for this. Make sure that you are prepared to be driving at night in the winter weather and you have what you need to make the trip safely.
  • The cold weather will take a toll on your car and especially on your battery. Make sure that your car has had any inspections or oil changes necessary and that you have jumper cables in your car.
  • If you don’t already have it, call your insurance company and add roadside assistance to your policy. It is an inexpensive add-on that will pay for itself the first time you use it. The cold weather this time of year creates some hazardous driving conditions and if you have to be on the road, you should be prepared.

Any time of year is a bad time for a car accident. But, this time of year they are more common due to a variety of reasons. Make sure that you and your family make it safely through the holiday season by following these safety tips.