How to Know if You Need a New Engine

How to Know if You Need a New Engine

Does My Car Need a New Engine?

You don’t need to be a car expert to understand just how vital the engine is to your vehicle. Without a functioning engine, your car is utterly unusable. For this reason, it is important to always keep your engine healthy and in good shape.

Sometimes, this may mean replacing your old engine altogether. This can be a daunting situation, partly due to the costs involved. However, you should never wait until your engine stops working to have it replaced. This will leave you without your vehicle for some time, and that isn’t a situation many individuals would enjoy being in.

So, how do you know if it’s time to replace your engine before it breaks down?

1. You’re Seeing an Increase in Exhaust Smoke

This is an obvious sign of major internal damage to your vehicle’s engine. Potentially, the problem at hand could be burnt rings, cracks in your engine, or something else entirely. 

2. You Hear Knocking Noises

Knocking noises from your car’s engine is a sign of worn engine bearings. If your bearings stop functioning as they should, then the engine will fully seize.

3. You’re Noticing a Lack of Power

This could also be a sign that your engine needs a repair, rather than a replacement. In any case, don’t ignore it when your vehicle’s engine struggles to produce power. This is always a red flag.

 4. You’ve Spotted Metal Shavings During Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are an important part of vehicle maintenance. If you can see metal shavings in the oil during a change, then this is a clear sign of substantial wear and tear to certain parts of your engine. Don’t wait until your engine has failed completely to take action.

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