How to Tell if Your Car’s A/C Compressor is Failing

How to Tell if Your Car’s A/C Compressor is Failing

Simple Ways to Tell if Your A/C Compressor Is Going Bad

As summer draws near, it’s becoming more important to make sure your car’s air conditioning is in working order. However, issues with an A/C compressor aren’t uncommon. Like most issues with your car, the earlier you intervene, the simpler the repairs. 

Be on the lookout for signs that your car’s A/C compressor is going bad before it fails. After all, no one likes a hot car in the summer. 

Unusual Sounds

Unsurprisingly, strange sounds are often an indicator of something going wrong within your car. If you turn on your vehicle’s A/C and are met with a grinding or a whining noise, this is a red flag. These noises occur due to internal components going bad—it could all be caused by the bearing, for instance. 

Hot Air

If you were expecting a cool blast and got hot air instead, your A/C compressor could be failing. If you haven’t been diligently maintaining your car’s air conditioning system, then this is likely the case. Take this as a warning sign before the compressor dies fully. 

Fluid Leaks

Your car’s A/C system contains internal bearings, which work to keep refrigerant within the compressor. Then, the compressor must pressurize the refrigerant to cool it down. Over time, this process can wear down the bearings due to being trapped in a constantly pressurized environment. When bearings are worn or damaged, they’ll begin leaking refrigerant.  

As soon as you notice any signs of air conditioner compressor failure, it’s important to contact an experienced car repair service. Especially as we head into the summer months, a broken car A/C can be more than just a small inconvenience. Plus, it’s best to handle the issue before it grows more serious. Contact the A/C compressor repair experts at Ken Sales Automotive to get started.