How to Tell If Your Car’s Heater Core Is Leaking

How to Tell If Your Car’s Heater Core Is Leaking

The heater core is an essential part of your car’s heating and cooling system. This winter, whenever you turn on your vehicle’s heat, air will be blown over its heater core. The core warms up this air before releasing it into the cabin. 

However, if your heater core is leaking or damaged, keeping your car warm becomes far more difficult. If you notice any of the following issues with your vehicle’s heating system, don’t hesitate to address them. Bring your car to a professional for quick and easy heater core repair services. 

Signs Your Heater Core Is Leaking

There’s a Sweet Smell in Your Car

If there’s a sweet smell coming from your vents, this could point to a heater core leak. What you’re actually smelling is radiator fluid – and this could mean that coolant has begun to leak into your vehicle. If you notice this smell around your car’s exterior, there may be coolant leaking out from underneath.

Cold Air Is Blowing Into the Cabin

When there’s a puncture or hole in the heater core, warm air could escape before it even reaches the opposite end of the heater ducts. Whether you feel warm, lukewarm, or cold air is dependent upon the size of the puncture. 

Your Car Is Using Too Much Coolant

Have you recently noticed that your vehicle needs far more coolant than it used to? This could signify a heater core leak. A blown heater core can cause coolant to leak into the cabin of your vehicle, leading to foggy windows. If this happens when the car is cool, however, you might notice a puddle forming near the passenger-side floor. 

Ken Scales Automotive Fixes Leaky Heater Cores in Medford

No one wants a leaky or blown heater core during the winter months. Fortunately for those in the Medford, OR area, Ken Scales is available to repair your damaged heater core. You can schedule an appointment with us through our site today.