Is it Better to Own One Car or Two

Is it Better to Own One Car or Two

One car or two? It’s the age-old question for couples, small families, and even some singles. Ken Scales Automotive of Medford specializes in car maintenance and knows about cars and how they hold up. This quick read discusses times when it makes sense to only have one car versus times when you should consider purchasing a second. 

The Case for One Car

There are a few reasons an individual, couple, or small family might choose to have one car, including: 

  • Environmental concerns. 
  • Striving to reduce costs or become debt-free. 
  • The cost of properly maintaining a car. 
  • Wanting to purchase “less-but-more” with a luxury vehicle. 
  • Costs associated with good car insurance. 
  • Being interested in a minimalist lifestyle.

All are valid reasons. From the perspective of car repair and maintenance professionals, it would be better to meticulously attend to the upkeep, maintenance, and insurance of one car than to maintain two cars poorly or only moderately well.

The Case for Two Cars

Most American families have two cars. Here are a few common reasons why: 

  • Two adults work. 
  • Living in an area that doesn’t have adequate public transit. 
  • Two adults want different types of cars from each other.
  • One car is for fuel efficiency, and another is for severe weather. 
  • One car is typically used for recreation (towing a boat, rock crawling in a Jeep, etc.) 
  • The wear and tear and mileage are spread between two vehicles.

These are also completely valid reasons, and most people who are married, cohabitating, or have children choose to have two cars. It is also true that a one-car family will put more miles and wear and tear on a single car. If you have two cars, though, you must remember proper maintenance, especially if it is not driven often. 

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