Is It Time for a Tune Up

Is It Time for a Tune Up

Do you know the last time you had your car in for a tune up? It’s an important part of keeping your car running in optimal condition.

What Is a Tune Up?

A tune up is a maintenance procedure that is done on your car where your mechanic gets a chance to take a look at everything relating to the combustion system. So, during the tune up, all parts of your engine are carefully inspected. If anything needs to be replaced, the tune up process provides an ideal time to do that.

What Happens During a Tune Up?

While each mechanic is a little different, here at Ken Scales Automotive, we check not only the systems relating to combustion, but also any clutch and brake issues. We want to keep your car on the road as much as you do.

Components like air filters may be replaced during this time, as well as cleaning or replacing spark plugs. On older vehicles, we also check distributor caps or the rotor.

Other parts that might be replaced during a tune up are the oxygen sensor, fuel filter, and PCV valve. We’ll also take a look at your fluids. Oil changes are done regularly, but the tune up is the opportunity to check everything from transmission fluid and brake fluid to windshield wiper fluid. 

While this list is by no means extensive, it’s all going to depend on the kind of vehicle you drive. For instance, a diesel truck will need different maintenance than a small sedan. 

When Should I Get a Tune Up?

Some cars will let you know when you should be getting this regular maintenance done. However, to keep your car running its best and to avoid any breakdowns, you should have a tune up scheduled with your mechanic about once a year.

Is your vehicle in need of a tune up? Schedule your appointment with us today.