Is Your Car Ready for Winter Driving in Medford, Oregon?

Is Your Car Ready for Winter Driving in Medford, Oregon?

The winter driving conditions in the Medford, Oregon area can change quickly. One day it can be dry roads, and the next day the roads can be icy.  Making sure your car is ready for cold weather and harsh driving conditions is vital for safety and convenience.

  • Get the heating system in your vehicle checked if it doesn’t seem like it works well in freezing weather. If you need to sit in your car for a while because of a storm, it is convenient to have a heater that works well.
  • Get your oil changed and top off your fluids regularly during the winter months.
  • Keep your gas tank full when it is colder. Again, if you must wait for assistance, it is much more convenient when you have a full tank of gas and can stay warm!
  • Have your brakes inspected at the appropriate mileage on your maintenance calendar or have them checked if you hear noises coming from them. Making sure that your brakes are in good condition in the winter is essential. Having good braking power is necessary on wet Oregon roads.
  • If you notice that the gears are slipping in your vehicle, have your transmission serviced to make sure that it works well all winter.  Having transmission problems during the winter month is inconvenient because they are usually costly and can take a long time for the repairs to be completed.
  • Check your warranty and make sure your vehicle is getting the proper maintenance during the specifically required milestones.
  • Get your battery tested to make sure that it is in excellent condition for the colder weather. 
  • Get the hoses and belts under your hood inspected to make sure that you don’t have any leaks or cracks that need repairs. 
  • Store a box in your vehicle for emergency preparedness while driving. Include water, food, a tow rope, extra clothing, gloves, blankets, and flashlights. Being prepared to wait or walk to get help is vital during freezing temperatures.