Issues With Your Car’s Brakes You Shouldn’t Ignore

Issues With Your Car’s Brakes You Shouldn’t Ignore

The brakes in your car are crucial to driving anywhere safely. When issues arise with your brakes, it’s important to get them inspected and fixed immediately to avoid potential problems or even accidents in the future. 

Here are 4 issues with your car’s brakes you should NOT ignore and instead get checked out by a professional as soon as possible:

1. ‘Spongey’ Brakes

One common sign that your brakes may need to be fixed is if you push down on your brake pedal and feel little to no resistance, or it feels “spongey.” Things like air or moisture can get trapped in the braking system or your brakes could even be giving out.

2. Strange Movement

Another issue that may come up if your brakes need to be fixed is if you feel your steering wheel or floor pedals vibrating. This obviously is not a natural movement that your car should be making and means there may be something in the way or something loose in your braking system.

3. New or Unusual Noises

Another issue that arises that many people often try to ignore is when their car begins to make strange noises. If this happens, especially when you brake, this could be alluding to a much larger problem internally that needs to be inspected and repaired.

The Best Brake Repair in Medford

Here at Ken Scales Automotive, we know just how serious car issues can be, especially when it comes to your brakes. That’s why we prioritize helping our clients to not only identify issues with their vehicles, but to fix them properly too. If you are experiencing any issues or odd behavior from your car’s brakes, don’t ignore them and have your car checked out immediately. For more information on our services and how we can help you, contact us here.