It’s A Good Idea to Have An Emergency Kit For Your Car

It’s A Good Idea to Have An Emergency Kit For Your Car

At Ken Scales Automotive, we want our community and customers to have the best summer road trips in or out of Oregon.  Creating an emergency kit for your summer road trips is a good idea, especially if you plan to travel through remote areas.

  • Create a spot in your car that can handle your emergency kit. The best spot is not in the trunk like most people think, it is on the floor in the backseat.  If you have passengers in the backseat, the trunk is the best choice so that they can have a place for their feet during the trip.
  • Water and nonperishable foods are the first things to go in an emergency kit. Make sure there is enough for everyone going.
  • Water and extra fluids for your car are important too!
  • Jumper cables are a good idea if your battery isn’t new.
  • Add in a first-aid kit, for minor injuries.
  • Pack extra medications in your emergency kit and a hard candy just in case someone has low blood sugar issues. Anti-nausea medicine is good for passengers who get car sick.
  • Check your spare tire and make sure you have a jack that works well before leaving for your trip!
  • If anyone in your vehicle has diabetes, have them set a timer so you can pull off the road for them to exercise every hour. You can include a timer in your emergency kit as well.
  • If children are going on the road trip, store items in your emergency kit that will keep them busy if you must wait for roadside assistance.
  • Pack blankets and add extra clothes for everyone in your vehicle.
  • Have extra belts and hoses for your vehicle, as well as the tools needed to replace them if you are in a remote area.
  • Add emergency lights or cones to your emergency kit.

Customize your emergency kit for the people in your vehicle.  If everyone must wait during a stressful situation, it is better to be prepared for the emergency. Before you leave for your trip, make sure to come by Ken Scales Automotive in Medford to you have your vehicle serviced!