Knowing When to Replace Your Tires

Knowing When to Replace Your Tires

  The tires are one of your vehicle’s most important parts and having inadequate tires can be extremely dangerous. Many people keep the same tires for far too long, but there are many dangers in keeping tires longer than they are meant to last. To avoid risking your safety and the safety of other passengers, familiarize yourself with the common signs that your tires need to be replaced.

Watch the Tread

  One of the things that will wear down first on your tires is the tread. When the tread on your tires becomes too shallow, it can cause your vehicle to start slipping even on normal terrain like a highway road. Any experienced driver can tell you that slipping tires are among the most dangerous and terrifying things about driving.

  A simple test for checking the tread in your tires is to stick a penny inside of the tread. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, the tread is too shallow and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If you can only see part of his head, then you still have a bit of tread left before it needs to be replaced. However, you will want to consider getting new tires soon.

Tires Age Too

  Tires can become weaker and more dangerous as they become older. Become familiar with the recommendations of both the tire manufacturer and your vehicle manufacturer on when to replace the tires. Be sure to change the tires when they reach that age. Tires that are beyond their limit can tear more easily and can even be at higher risk of coming off of the vehicle while driving.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

  You want your vehicle to be safe when you take it on the road. That means it needs regular maintenance to ensure everything is in top shape. Get in touch with us at Ken Scales Automotive today for quality care for your vehicle.