Making Sure Your Air Conditioning Is Ready for Summer

Making Sure Your Air Conditioning Is Ready for Summer

The winter weather is on its way out, and now that spring is here, much warmer days are coming. Most people wait until the hot weather has already arrived to take their car in for AC service. Rather than wait until your system breaks down, risking costlier repairs, have your AC system inspected now.

While a broken AC system basically only yields one result – a car that won’t cool down to a comfortable temperature inside – there are many components making up the air conditioning system that could potentially fail, including the control system, vacuum lines and refrigerant system.

Common checks performed on the refrigerant part of the AC include the following:

  • Checking the controls with a road test
  • Visually checking hoses for any leaks
  • Ensuring the condenser and cabin filter are both free of obstructions
  • Examining the condenser fan and AC compressor
  • Checking the pressure readings with a refrigerant recovery machine
  • Recycling and cleaning refrigerant, filling it to the correct level
  • Checking for additional leaks
  • Reporting any necessary repairs needed

This standard diagnostic can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the extent and complexity of the issue.

Signs That Your AC Needs Serviced

  • Air isn’t coming out cold. The refrigerant may need recharged or simply topped off.
  • Musty or foul smell coming from the vents. This could indicate mold in the system.
  • Banging sounds or unusual rattling. This could be caused either by debris clogging up the fan or a fan belt that is worn out.
  • Water stains or puddles beneath the dash. This would indicate a clogged drain hose.

Finally, if your air conditioner’s refrigerant is topped off, but your AC starts pumping out warmer air in a relatively short amount of time, this could indicate a leak somewhere in your system. Refrigerant should not need replaced more than every few years at most, so if you are noticing more frequent issues, make sure to have your car serviced and checked thoroughly. We provide several AC system services, including inspection and repair, so give one of the professionals at Ken Scales Automotive a call today.