Should You Wash a Car in the Rain

Should You Wash a Car in the Rain

If the weather is terrible, it may seem like the best idea is to wait until it is sunnier and warmer to wash your car — which can sometimes take ages. The truth is, however, that sometimes a rainy day can be an excellent time to wash your car. There are pros and cons to this approach.


When you wash your car in the rain, you benefit from abundant water to assist you in this job. Rain can:

  • Function as a pre-rinse, helping you eliminate some of the more immediate dirt and grime before you get started on the soap. This is helpful because rainwater is soft water without minerals, so it will be able to prepare you for the cleanup without leaving behind sediment. 
  • Help you clean off the detergent once it’s on, and take any lingering dust and dirt with it. This doesn’t just speed up the process. It also ensures you avoid soap streaks and water spots in places where the detergent managed to dry before you could remove it.
  • Save your water. There’s no need to run your bill and waste a precious resource if you allow the rain to do the heavy lifting. There’s a lot of it, and it’s all free!


Here are a couple of reasons you may want to avoid a rainstorm car wash:

  • If you live in an area with acid rain, the rain will likely damage your car instead of helping it stay clean. 
  • If the storm is particularly strong or violent, then it may be too dangerous to be out there at that time. A thunderstorm is not when you want to stand out in the rain. You should also know the risk of falling debris and strong winds.

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