Stay Safe This Holiday Travel Season With Proper Auto Maintenance

Stay Safe This Holiday Travel Season With Proper Auto Maintenance

31914456_sTraveling during the holidays is a given for most families. Going to various holiday parties, seeing school performances, and shopping are all extra activities that are very common this time of year.

With all of this busy driving around, there are many more cars on the road. Add to that the unfavorable driving conditions that are common during these months and the rate for motor vehicle accidents natural rises.

The most important way to prevent motor vehicle accidents during any time of the year is to be clear-headed and focused when driving. The second best thing that you can do is to make sure that your car has received all of the maintenance checks as recommended.

Whether you are traveling several hours to visit family for the holidays or, you are just going a couple of blocks for a holiday party, make sure that these areas of your car have been serviced and are in top condition:

  • Oil change. The manufacturer recommendation for oil change frequency is every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This is because as the oil is used in your engine, it leaves behind deposits that will build up and cause the fuel efficiency to be greatly reduced. If you go too long between oil changes, your engine could experience serious damage that is very expensive to get fixed. If you are preparing to go on a long trip for the holidays, make sure that your car has received an oil change recently.
  • The tires on your car are especially temperamental during the cold weather. The air pressure in your tires will change dramatically with each degree colder that the weather gets. If your tire pressure gets too low, your tires are at risk for blowing and the control of your car will be compromised. Check your tire pressure before you leave the house.
  • If your brakes are making any kind of noise or, if your car is shaking when you come to a stop, have your brake system checked before you hit the road. Having properly working brakes is essential to having a safe holiday trip.

Even a short trip can be dangerous if your car has not had the proper service. Make sure that each of these areas of your car has been checked before you hit the road for your holiday travel. Staying safe is very important all year around, but the holiday season especially.