Stop Waiting to Get Your Oil Changed

Stop Waiting to Get Your Oil Changed

If you are like many people, you probably wait until the warning light on your dashboard comes on before taking your car in to get an oil change. You might even put off getting it done for months afterward. However, there are many reasons you should never wait to get your oil changed, especially if you want to keep the car running smoothly.

Improved Engine Quality & Life

Oil changes are essential because they keep your engine clean and running at high performance. If you don’t change your oil regularly, it begins to break down and clog up your engine with particulate. This can cause your engine to overheat and break down. The longer your car goes without its regularly scheduled oil change, the more damage you are doing to your engine. Most experts recommend getting an oil change every three months or every 3000 miles, whichever comes first. If you let it go longer, then your engine can wear down much faster.

Staying Compliant with Your Vehicle’s Warrant

Many car warranties require regular oil changes. Some warranties even limit owners to traveling no more than 6000 miles between oil changes. If your warranty has this requirement, it is important to get an oil change done at least once every three months. That way you will never violate the terms of your warranty agreement.

Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Safe

It should go without saying that you don’t want to risk going out on the road with a faulty engine. If dirty oil breaks down your engine, you are putting yourself and your loved ones in danger. You should never drive a car that is not running at optimal performance.

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