The Benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes in Your Vehicle

The Benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes in Your Vehicle

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are becoming the new normal for later model vehicles. The benefits are numerous, and such brakes reduce accidents on the road. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a vehicle with ABS.


Better Stopping Power


The technology gives your vehicle better stopping power in the case of slippery road conditions. It can save drivers from skidding and causing an accident on wet or icy pavement. It also allows the driver to maintain better control in a potentially dangerous situation, saving lives. Anti-lock brakes give drivers confidence on the road.


Keeps Auto Insurance Down


Auto insurance companies charge less for a vehicle with ABS, because studies have shown they reduce the risk of accidents. Insurance providers will lower the price on your premium for a vehicle with anti-lock brakes. This long-term savings can help drivers recover some of the costs of purchasing the car in the first place.


Improved Traction


Anti-lock brakes provide better traction than traditional systems. The tire sensors tell your vehicle when a wheel locks up. Using complicated algorithms, the car can determine the best course of action for the brakes to keep it from sliding. In the factory, installation for ABS is almost the same as installation of the technology for traction control, making it easier for the company to install traction control features in the car.


Increased Resale Value


Cars with an antilock braking system installed have higher rates of resale later in life. Since most cars now come with antilock braking systems, vehicles without them are at a disadvantage in the marketplace. Many used car drivers opt for ABS because of the decrease in insurance and other safety factors. If you plan to sell your car sometime in the future, an ABS is a good investment.


Antilock brakes improve your sense of security in your car and help prevent accidents. These brakes are a good feature to have in your car, especially during inclement weather. The experts agree that antilock brakes are a valuable driving tool, and when used the right way, they can help save your life on the road.