Tips for Prepping your Car for Springtime Driving

Tips for Prepping your Car for Springtime Driving

Spring has finally sprung, which means many drivers in the Medford area are eager to get behind the wheel, roll their windows down, and feel the refreshing breeze as they embark on their daily commutes. But before hitting the open Prepping your car for springtimeroad, car owners should take the necessary steps to ensure your car is in the right shape for spring. If you are car owner, consider the following cleaning tips to prep your car for all your springtime plans.

Vacuum the Interior and Clear Out Trash

Before anything else, ensure the outside of your car gets a comprehensive cleaning. It is likely sand and salt have accumulated inside your car over the winter, and spring is the perfect time to get the vacuum out and begin removing all types of dirt and debris from your vehicle. If you have been throwing junk on the floor, take the opportunity to clear your car of any accumulated garbage as well. Since the dryness of the winter months can cause damage to leather, those who have leather seats should also clean and condition this part of their cars as well. Check with your vehicle’s dealer to determine what products are best for cleaning your seats.

Clean Your Windows

If you observe your windows are getting foggy easily, the layer of dirt sticking to the glass may be the source of this issue. Since moisture likes to attach itself to something, it can create fog on the inside of your car’s windows. To remedy this, use a non-ammonia-based car window cleanser, along with newspaper or a cloth clear of lint. Use a microfiber cloth if your car has tinted windows as newspaper can damage the tinted film. Cleaners containing ammonia can damage cars with tinted windows and make your windows fog up more, so steer clear of them at all costs.

Replace Wiper Blades

Remains of salt, dirt, snow, and ice, can all wreak havoc to your wiper blades throughout the course of the winter. If there is an unexpected spring-time storm, you do not want faulty windshield wipers to obstruct your vision on the road. If your wiper blades are comparatively new but are streaking, attempt to pour a tiny portion of nail polish remover onto a paper towel and proceed to wipe both sides of the blade with it. This will help diffuse the primary rubber layer and might extend the blade for a couple more months. If you try this method, be especially careful to ensure the nail polish remover does not harm your car’s paint.