Tips For Tire Maintenance This Spring

Tips For Tire Maintenance This Spring

13640432_sSpring is the season for hitting the road and getting out of the house for some much needed sunshine. However, the last thing you want to have to deal with on an impromptu Sunday drive is a blown tire.

The best way to ensure that your tires are working at top performance is to have regular inspection appointments. Here are some ways to make sure your tires are not putting you or your passengers in danger:

Inflation. Having the proper tire pressure and inflation is necessary for ensuring your tires are in great shape. This can affect not only the safety of you and your passengers, but also the fuel economy of your car. Check your tire pressure monthly, make sure to do it when they are cold and use an accurate tire pressure gauge. Just “eyeballing” your tires to check the inflation is not an accurate method. If you have a tire that has driven on while underinflated, make sure to bring your car to a professional for help. Your tire might be underinflated due to cuts, punctures, or impacts and could need repair.

Wear. Never operate your vehicle on tires that have bald spots or very shallow tread depth. Spring is a time for heavy rain storms and wet weather accidents often result from hydroplaning on bald tires. Also, if your tires have excessive wear they are more vulnerable to cracks or punctures from debris on the road. A blown tire can easily cause an accident on a wet or a dry road.

Damage. Tires can be damaged in many ways that do not immediately cause a problem. That is why it is recommended to have monthly inspections of your tires so that any small issues can be repaired before they escalate to big issues while you are out on the road. Cracks, bulges, and air loss are just some of the damage that could be found on a month inspection. This requires that the tires be removed from the car and carefully looked at.

Size. For optimal control and handing of your vehicle it is important that all four tires are the same size and type, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Having tires of different sizes will cause each tire to wear unevenly and this could cause problems with the balance of your car.

When you hit the road this spring to take in the sights and get some sun, rest easy that you have had a recent inspection of your tires to check for these things.