Tips to Keep Your Car Running Well in the Summer Heat

Tips to Keep Your Car Running Well in the Summer Heat

Summertime usually means more maintenance for your home and vehicles.  The blistering summer heat can concern people when it comes to their car running well.  If the higher temperatures have you worried about your car this summer, we have some tips to make sure it runs well on the hottest days!

  • Check your battery. Make sure it doesn’t have corrosion around it or on it.  Also, check to make sure your battery is properly secured and doesn’t vibrate as you drive.
  • Inspect your hoses and belts monthly during the hot months. Hotter temperatures can lead to your engine being hotter, which has an affect on the rubber parts under your hood.  You may find belts and hoses deteriorating because of the heat.
  • Make sure your car doesn’t overheat by checking the radiator coolant. Never test the coolant when your engine is hot!  Make sure you have enough of a coolant/water mixture.   This is what keeps your car from getting too hot when it runs on hot days or goes up the hill!
  • Check the tire pressure on your tires and make sure that they aren’t over or under-inflated. If your tires are under-inflated, you increase the potential of a blow out when your tires get too hot.  When you check the tires on your car, be sure to include the spare tire in your inspections and make sure that it has the correct amount of air in it.
  • Have your air conditioner serviced to make sure it is suitable for the whole summer.
  • Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle that includes water and other ways to keep fresh in the heat. Non-perishable food, flashlights, and flares are also great for emergency kits.  You can also throw in jumper cables, extra fluids, and tools.
  • Have a technician inspect your fluids and replace any filters you need. You may need to have your oil, or other fluids changed to stay in great shape through the hotter months.

Bring your car by Ken Scales Automotive in Medford, OR, this summer for all your seasonal maintenance needs!