What Does a Transmission Flush Entai

What Does a Transmission Flush Entai

Flush your transmission

flushing your car transmissionThe transmission is one of the major parts of a vehicle, and plays very important roles in ensuring that the car runs smoothly and safely. Because of this, it is only imperative that car owners take care of their transmissions as best they could. There are certain maintenance procedures employed to ensure this, one of which is a transmission flush.

What is a transmission flush?

Transmission flush is the process of cleaning the transmission. This is done by first removing the old oil from the transmission, and then running a new oil and cleaning solution through it. Mechanics use a special machine to flush out the grime, sludge, and other residues inside the transmission before it is filled with clean, fresh and new transmission oil.

Why is a transmission flush necessary?

A transmission flush is important for a variety of reasons:

For one, a transmission flush will allow you to completely replace all the old oil in your transmission. Simply draining the transmission is not enough to remove the old oil, since only a few quarts of transmission oil actually stays there, with the other quarts found in the torque converter, the transmission cooler and the transmission lines. Without a transmission flush, all the excess oil will stay in those parts of the car.

In addition, a transmission flush will also help you to detect any problems that your transmission may be experiencing, especially cracks and breaks in the transmission and transmission lines. Once you see leaks, you can immediately address them, apply some preventive measures, and make the necessary repairs if needed.

Aside from cleaning the transmission, a transmission flush also cleans your filter. Because of the pressure used in the process, fluid is pushed far until it passes through the filter, thereby removing any debris that may be trapped in there.

The importance and benefits of having a transmission flush cannot be understated. Skipping this maintenance procedure can lead to your transmission and your whole car not running properly, which then leads to accidents. Your only alternative to a transmission flush is by disassembling the whole transmission and manually cleaning all the parts individually – and when given a choice, it is quite obvious that the former is much more preferable option than the latter.