Treat Yourself to a Remote Car Starter This Year

Treat Yourself to a Remote Car Starter This Year

Remote car starter

remote car starter great presentIt is freezing outside and the only thing you can think about is how cold your car is going to be when you go to get inside of it. The seats are going to be uncomfortable and the steering wheel is going to feel like ice on your fingers. Does this at all sound familiar? When winter strikes, car owners usually start to fret; especially those who do not have the luxury of parking their vehicle in a heated garage space!

What typically happens is said owners rush to open the door, whereby they hastily crank the engine and turn on the heat. There is just one small problem. That heat does not come out of the vents instantly, so for at least a few minutes, you are destined to shiver in what is otherwise a large, metal icebox. One device can solve all of these problems and more, and it is called a remote starter.

No more cold mornings, what a relief!

They have been around for quite some time now, but until you experience their benefits firsthand, you do not know what you have been missing. Imagine being able to turn on your car in the dead of winter from the comfort of your living room window. Simply point, click, and listen to the pleasant sounds of your motor turning over, all the while knowing by the time you open the car door, you will be presented with a toasty (not frosty) interior!

The good news is a remote start system generally only costs about $40 on average for a decent setup. What’s more, they offer year-round benefits, and that includes activating the AC on those scorching summer days that we all so dearly miss right about now! Remote starters are straightforward; the key fob remote links to a device integrated into your car’s electrical system, and subsequently turns the engine on when activated.

Given that some types only work on vehicles with automatic transmissions and/or are equipped with fuel-injected motors (the norm for most modern cars), we strongly recommend having one of the technicians at Ken Scales Auto handle the installation. This is a quick and easy job, but one that requires attention to detail and technical know-how. Stay warm this winter and invest in a remote starter, you will be glad you did!