Understanding Auto Electrical Repairs

Understanding Auto Electrical Repairs

1379608_sMany of today’s modern cars make use of electrical systems to run and operate. For the untrained car owner, these electrical systems may seem like a huge jigsaw puzzle that needs decoding – something that can often be frustrating. However, basic knowledge of the different electrical systems found in cars can be of great help when it comes to understanding auto electrical repairs and these all starts by knowing the different components of a vehicle’s electrical systems.


Starters are motors that, as the name suggests, gets the car started. There are several types of starters like gear-reduction types, permanent-magnet types and others. Whatever type your vehicle may have, these starters have the same purpose and function. Most of the common problem associated with a started is poor engine starts. This can be cause by various factors like insufficient battery voltage or improper electrical wiring. Sometimes, the problem may lie with the age of the starter, in which case a mechanic will be forced to replace the old starter with a new one.


The battery is very important because this is what powers up the electrical systems and its different components. When the battery dies, every other electrical component does, too including power windows, wipers, lights and so on. A battery usually last up to three or four years depending on the quality, but if your battery dies within a year, you definitely need to have it checked or replaced.


This is one of the most expensive parts of an auto electrical system to replace. Its main purpose is to recharge the battery to ensure that it continues to provide electrical power to all the other electrical components of the vehicle. When a problem with the alternator occurs, it manifests through different symptoms such as dimming headlights, dashboard lights flickering, power windows and radio not working and so on. Sometimes, the smell of burning rubber or hot wires can also be the result of an alternator failure.

Electrical systems are far and wide, as you will see with the many wires running under your vehicle’s hood and all over the body back to the trunk. Although there are duct tape solutions to some electrical problems, you should never run the risk of leaving auto electrical problems unchecked. This will not only result in car failure, but also put your and your passenger’s life in danger.