Why Is My Engine Leaking Oil

Why Is My Engine Leaking Oil

Your car relies on the proper fluid levels to perform properly. If you notice any indications of fluid leaks, such as residue on the driveway or garage floor where the vehicle is parked, you likely have a leak issue.

Your car may experience a number of fluid leaks such as antifreeze fluid, steering, fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or one of the most common- engine oil. The location of the leak and the color can give an indication of the type of fluid leak. An engine oil leak is one of the most common types of leaks. The following are just a few reasons your vehicle may be leaking oil and need an inspection by a trained professional mechanic.

3 Reasons Your Engine Oil Is Leaking

Your engine oil is responsible for lubricating the various parts of your engine to reduce friction and keep your car running smoothly. This oil helps to extend the lifespan of your engine, so it is important to use high-quality oil and change the oil as recommended to maintain the viscosity of the oil and its lubrication ability. Not changing your oil on a regular basis can lead to an oil leak.

  1. You have worn-out gaskets or a damaged oil pan. The oil pan and gaskets at the bottom of your engine keep the oil in your engine where it should be. Driving on rough gravel roads can lead to damage to the oil pan or gaskets and create a leak.
  2. Your engine’s oil components are not installed correctly. If your oil pan and valve cover gaskets are not tightened properly: either too tight or not tightened evenly around the pan, the oil will leak. If the oil filter is not on tight enough, the oil will leak around the filter.
  3. Your valve seal or rings may be defective. This type of oil leak is not as noticeable as the others but is still a major concern.

Oil leaks not only cause telltale spots under your car, but they can also cause burning odors and smoke while you are driving. You can stay on top of oil leaks and other car maintenance issues by scheduling regular inspections and oil changes for your vehicle. Any sign of an oil leak requires an appointment with a professional automotive care specialist. Contact the team at Ken Scales Automotive to schedule your oil change and inspection. To schedule an appointment, simply give us a call at 541-772-673