Why Your Car’s Heating and Cooling Systems Are Essential

Why Your Car’s Heating and Cooling Systems Are Essential

When it comes to the safety and well-being of yourself and your passengers, a working heating and cooling system is essential. It’s important that you know how to identify when these systems are not functioning properly so you can have them repaired as soon as possible. Understanding why these systems are so crucial for those who drive regularly is essential to maintain safe and comfortable driving conditions.

The Heating System

It is common for drivers to completely forget a car’s heating system until the weather gets cooler. However, your car’s heating system does much more than provide you with warmth during the frigid winter months. Your car’s heater draws heat from the combustion byproducts produced by your engine—if it fails, the issue indicates larger problems with your engine’s cooling component. As a result, your car risks overheating and engine damage. 

The Cooling System

Just as the heating system can be vital during colder months, so too is your cooling system essential when the temperature rises. If you do not have a cooling system, the heat inside your car can be unbearable and potentially dangerous for those who are unable to cool off. In addition, your A/C provides vital defrosting and defogging capabilities that can help you see clearly in all months of the year. Regular maintenance will keep your car’s cooling system in working order and prevent costly compressor failures. 

Don’t Wait to Address Heating and Cooling Issues

If you are having issues with your heating and cooling system, it is important to schedule repairs as soon as possible. Waiting until it is too late can lead to a breakdown of not only our heater and A/C but can lead to engine overheating and compressor failure. when you need your car the most. Ken Scales Automotive serves southern Oregon with high-quality maintenance and auto care. Schedule an appointment to see how we can help you with your service needs today.